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As the technological revolution continues to accelerate at an ever increasing pace the world is now waking up to the fact that consumers have fundamentally changed how they shop, how they make purchasing decisions and what they expect from their brands and suppliers. Meanwhile as the pace of global competition continues to heat up and the differentiation between purchasing channels from mobile to online to in store continue to diversify, new innovations in logistics and manufacturing are providing brands with new opportunities to bring products to market faster than ever before. With such a plethora of options against a backdrop of sweeping changes we understand it can be difficult for companies to identify the right entry point into new markets. Consequently any channel development particularly within a new region should be carefully planned and executed in order to yield the best results and avoid the loss of precious time and resource.

At Channel Solutions we can design, execute and manage your channel strategy from your manufacturing floor all the way through to the consumer and everything in between. Starting with Distribution and servicing each of the core channels including the high street Retailers, E-Commerce, large and small VAR's, DMR, Telco and ISP we can facilitate your expansion into new sales and distribution channels whilst ensuring your business is primed to make the most of each opportunity. By working as a natural extension of your organisation we break you into new markets, boost sales in your existing outlets and improve your operational efficiency. It's our objective to build long term strategic partnerships with you and our downstream partner networks, this way it allows us to act as an integral part of your business so we can advise, build and strengthen your sales and market share across all channels.

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